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Future Plans


SCHEMES                   --- Status as on 31.08.2016


PPP PROJECTS (In Progress)


        Capacity Addition: 7.00 MTPA

        Project Cost: Rs. 332.16 Crore

The Concession Agreement signed with the concessionaire M/s.Tuticorin Coal Terminal pvt. Ltd. Mumbai on 11-09.2010 at a gross revenue share of 52.17%.. The site was physically handed over to the concessionaire on 15-04-2011. Civil works commenced at site on 01.03.2012. About 90% of work completed. 3Nos of Shore unloader received and installed over Berth. Dredging in front of NCB – II completed on 26.10.2015. Based on request of concessionaire the Board has resolved to extended construction phase time up to 25.12.2016. Meeting conducted by Chairman with the concessionaire and lenders on 22.03.2016, 04.07.2016 and 28.07.2016 with TCTPL, lenders and insisted to commence the commercial operation by end of Dec 2016. Concessionaire informed that the temporary operation will commence from Sept/Oct, 2016


2.      Construction of North Cargo Berth-III

       Capacity Addition: 10.22 MTPA

         Project Cost: Rs. 586.89 Crore

Earlier tender was awarded to M/s Transstroy–OJSC Consortium & the concession agreement signed on 07.02.2014. Due to non-fulfillment of conditions precedent, the concession agreement was terminated on 12.11.2015. Based on concessionaire request extension was granted upto 31.03.2016.  Simultaneously Port awarded the Feasibility study of NCB – III in favour of M/s. Wapcos, Haryana on 23.02.2016. The firm furnished feasibility report on 30.05.2016 and the same approved by the Board meeting held on 31.05.2016. Application has been submitted to TAMP & SFC on 30.06.2016 Pre application conference held on 08.07.2016. RFQ Application opened on 26.07.2016, 3 Application received. Port fixed Indian Ports Association (IPA), New Delhi on 11.08.2016 as Transaction Adviser for evaluation of RFQ application. SFC memorandum sent on 30.06.2016. SFC meeting scheduled on 22.08.2016 was postponed. Security clearance for the bidders received on 17.08.2016.

 Details of Security Clearance of the bidders sent to the Ministry on 27.07.2016. Presently based on instruction the further action being taken for this project.



                 Capacity Addition: 8.62 MTPA

                 Project Cost: Rs. 515.18 Crore.

Earlier tender was awarded to M/s Transstory–OJSC Consortium & the concession agreement signed on 17.04.2013. Due to non-fulfillment of conditions precedent, the concession agreement was terminated on 12.11.2015. Based on concessionaire request extension was granted upto 31.03.2016. Simultaneously Port awarded the Feasibility study of NCB – IV in favour of M/s. Wapcos, Haryana on 23.02.2016. The firm furnished feasibility report on 30.05.2016 and the same approved by the Board meeting held on 31.05.2016. Based on the feasibility report it is proposed to implement the project development of North cargo Berth-IV for handling containers & clean cargo on DBFOT basis through PPP mode. SFC memo filed to Ministry on 30.06.2016. Tariff application for fixing tariff Tamp filed before on 30.06.2016. Notice Inviting for RFQ published on 07.06.2016. Due date for RFQ opened on 18.08.2016. Two bids received.




               Capacity Addition: 7.20 MTPA

                Project Cost: Rs. 312.23 Crore

a)      LOA issued to M/s. Dhakshin Bharat Gate way Terminals Pvt. Ltd on 07.08.2012 with a gross revenue share of 55.19%. Concession Agreement signed on 04.09.2012.  Two Nos. of reach stackers arrived and the firm has taken action to purchase shore crane. Temporary operation commenced on 11.05.2014. The concessionaire was informed that security agencies have not recommended  the purchase of ZPMC cranes on 03.11.2014 

b)      M/s.STUP Consultant, Chennai is appointed as Independent Engineer for the project. Temporary operation commenced on 11.05.2014.Concessionaire handled 204908 TEU’s up to August, 2016 and paid revenue share of Rs.21.92 Cores up to August, 2016.

c)      Concessionaire placed work order with M/s Leibherr Container Cranes Ltd, Ireland for procurement of 3 nos of RMQCs and 9 nos of RTGCs

d)      Concessionaire was addressed on 17.07.2015 to proceed with procurement of RMQCs and RTGCs. Concessionaire requested 16 months extension for COD to 17.11.2016. Board meeting held on 14.08.2015 accorded approval for extension of construction Phase upto 30.08.2016 considering the delay occurred in security Clearance for importing of M/S.ZPMC, China make RMQCS.

e)      Meeting with lenders and concessionaire held on 04.07.2016. During the meeting concessionaire informed that cranes will be shipped once the loan amount will be sanctioned by the Banks.

f)       Board in the meeting held on 12.07.2016 resolved to communicate the concessionaire that no further extension of COD after 30.08.2016 would be considered and LD clause will apply as per the tender condition. This has also been informed to the concessionaire.

g)      The cranes will be arrived during October-2016 and will be commissioned during Febraury-2017.

5.      Mechanization of Berth No. 9 (Up Gradation of mechanical Handling Infrastructure at Tuticorin Port Trust (Berth I to Berth VI& IX)

                         Capacity Addition: 8.72 MTPA

                         Project Cost: Rs. 49.20 Crore

LOA issued to M/s. IMC – PSTS Ltd. Consortium, Chennai on 25.03.2012 with a gross revenue share of 26.55%. Concession agreement signed on 24.05.2013.Conditions precedent was fulfilled on 31.08.2013. Cranes received from Germany on 27.02.2014 and commercial operation commenced from 25.03.2014.Revenue share earned up to August, 2016 is Rs.10.22 Crores. Cargo handled up to August, 2016 is 8.59 Million Tonnes.



               Capacity Addition: 2.60 MTPA

               Revised Cost of Project: Rs. 123.35 Crores

Ealier tender was awarded to M/s Transstory–OJSC Consortium & the concession agreement signed on 17.04.2016. Due to non-fulfillment of conditions precedent, the concession agreement was terminated on 31.08.2015. Retender was cancelled o 25.11.2016. No response at the RPF stage Hence Port decided proponed fresh feasibility report for restructuring the project. Port engaged M/s WAPCOS to fresh Feasibility study for the berth as multipurpose berth. TEFR submitted by M/s WAPCOS, was approved by VOCPT Board in its meeting held on 12.07.2016. TAMP application submitted on 30.07.2016. Sale of RFQ from 08.08.2016 to 05.09.2016. SFC memorandum submitted on 09.08.2016. Pre application conference held on 25.08.2016. One bidder participated in the pre application conference.

PPP PROJECTS (Under Bidding)


Capacity Addition: 2.00 MTPA

Project Cost: Rs. 65.37 Crore

The Port had invited tender for selection of concessionaire. Court case filed by one of the bidders M/s. Indian Port Terminal, Tuticorin. Argument completed on 11.12.2014.

Madurai Bench of Hon’ble High Court of Madras issued order as

   “The writ petition is allowed and diverted the Port to issue letter of award within a period of two weeks” to the Petitioner.

Port filed an writ appeal on 27.03.15.

Hearing held on 06.04.2015 and court issued Interim Stay to the order dated 02.02.2015 up to 02.06.2015. The matter is Sub-judice, Now Port is pursuing the matter to early posting of case. VOC Port Board directed to solve the issue in concentration with IPA Legal Consultant. Accordingly the documents along request for opinion sent to IPA on 20.08.2016.

          Dredging projects

1.   Dredging in front of NCB-II and Two Nos  of Shallow Draught Berths   (Phase- A)

     The Detailed Project Report was prepared by IITM, Chennai for the work “Optimization of   Inner Harbour” in 3 phases.

      Phase A dredging Completed on 26.10.2016 at a cost of Rs 398.24 Crores. Regarding           phase-II dredging infront of NCB IV and SEPC Berth, Port submitted PIB memo to      Ministry on 6.05.15 and is in process. Phase-III dredging comprising dredging in front of 5 Nos SDB 1 Naval and coastal berth and is in Preliminary planning stage and will be   taken as per requirement.

      Rail Road Connectivity Projects

      A. Rail Connectivity:

  1. Laying of Railway Track from Port Marshalling Yard to Hare Island at V. O. Chidambaranar Port. 

      Port awarded three PPP projects NCB II,III, IV for the handling of dry bulk cargoes. The total capacity of the three berths is estimated at 25.30 MTPA. Considering huge volume of expected cargo, the stack yard of about 36 Hectares is earmarked at Hare Island. The existing cargo may not be possible to be evacuated through the existing road. Hence VOCPT has proposed to evacuate through rail by connecting the existing Port Marshalling yard and Hare Island at an estimated cost of Rs. 70.12 Crore. MOS letter dated 17.08.2015 has issued the letter of award for project management consultancy to M/s.RITES Ltd. M/s RITES Ltd has furnished the revised estimate for Earthwork excavation of Embankment for Railway track on 25.10.2015. The work order for earth work excavation and formation of Embankment for Railway Track has been issued to shri. Chinnathambi on 24.06.2016 for Rs.21,05,14,964/- and the survey work completed and Earth work excavation from DCW ltd to hare island is in progress.

           In the meantime, the board note has been prepared and placed before the VOCPT Board for the approval of the revised cost of the project at an amount of Rs. 58.30 Cr               (phase-I)

2. Proposed making up cess from in between station Milavittan yard & TNHP marshaling yard.

      This work is proposed to make up the deficiency in the cess from Milavittan to Port Marshalling yard which is being operated as assisted siding. The estimated amount of Rs. 3.05 Crore was deposited during December, 2013 to Southern Railways to take up the work on Deposit basis. This work has commenced from May, 2014. 40% of work completed and work is in Progress.

     3. Renovation and modification of existing rail system operated from marshalling yard to V.O.C. wharf

This work is proposed for the complete track renewal of rail line from Port Marshalling yard to VOC wharf without affecting rail operation. Port Trust Board accorded approval for Rs.17.53 Crore to take up the work through Southern Railways. Port deposited the amount in two Installments to Southern Railways. Work was commenced by the Railway Department on 20.04.2015.The renewal work in track no.1, 2, 3,4,5 at Marshalling Yard was completed and additional line (Loop line) near Coal yard completed. The laying of PSC Sleeper and rail fixing work was completed except supplying and packing of ballast. 80% work completed. The work is expected to be completed by December, 2016. The handing over the sleepers is in progress. So far 540 MT steel sleepers were handed over to the store. The points and crossing work completed. Remaining removed steel sleepers and rail will be handled over to main store during the month of September and October 2016.