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Trade News
Increase in the Maximum Permissible draught from 13.2 metres to 14.0 meters in berths-Reg.
Utilizing Coastal Berth for undertaking repair works by vessels -reg
Widening of Port Road including the Bridge from TTPS Roundana to Port Boundary Wall on Express Road — Diversion of all heavy vehicles movement through Check Post II for smooth execution of Bridge construction work.
Truck Parking Terminal opposite to Fisheries College is being functional
Utilizing Coastal Berth for undertaking repair works by vessels -reg.
15 days free storage period considered for movement of laden containers by rail
Cess for Pollution mitigating measures is applicable at Rs.5/-per M.T in respect of dusty cargoes handled at NCB - II - reg
Parameters for berthing vessel Dt.12.07.2018
Customs notification on handling export containers by rail at VOCPT
Widening of Port Road including the Bridge from TTPS Roundana to Port Boundary Wall on Express Road — Diversion of outward movement through Check Post II for smooth execution of Bridge construction work
DPD facility to all imports through VOCPT- reg.
Incentive scheme for handling of Coal to M/s. TNPL through VOCPT .
Implementation of V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust (Issue of Entry Permit for Vehicles/Equipments/Persons) (Amendment) Regulation, 2018 - Reg
Circular on ship sanitation certificate
50% concession on VRC for mainline vessels calling VOCPT
Reduction of labour levy for HMC operation and mandatory usage of HMC for cargo operations to improve productivity - reg.
Deduction of tax at source -instructions to the users -Reg
Rail service between Whitefield-ICD, Bangalore and VOC Port, Tuticorin
Increase in the maximum permissible draught for Berth No.IX, NCB - I & NCB - II from 13.0 m to 13.2 m with effect from 01.05.2018 - reg
Centralized Truck Parking Plaza
Maritime Trade Facilitation - Mandatory use of e-invoice, e-payment and e-delivery order by all stakeholders in maritime trade - instructions - reg.
Berthing Pol.icy -Output norms Incentive / Penatty based on vessel OutPut - Reg
Trade notice on Truck Parking Terminal
Using of Mobile rubber tyred electrically operated hoppers for discharge of bulk cargoes at Berth No. III & IV- reg
Collection of Entry fee for vehicles and Dormitory fee at Truck Parking Terminal
Issuance of duplicate Port Entry Permits for the year 2018/19 through RFID system — Reg.
Stakeholders Registration in PCS
Increase in the maximum permissible draught from 12.8 m to 13.0 m with effect from 01.01.2018
Expression of interest to operate ferry service between Tuticorin - Kanyakumari - Trivandrum -reg
Concession in labour levy and wharfage for export of gypsum, copper slag, fly ash and any other new cargo item
Users are requested to engage the crane for handling of Vessel Cargo
Issuance of fresh Port Entry Permits for the year 2018/19 through RFID system.
Standard Operating Procedure - 2.0 (SOP 2.0) for Cruise Vessel Operation.
Trial Operation of NCB-II from 20.12.2017 for handling of coal.
Issuance of fresh Port entry permits for the year 2018 through RFID system— Reg
PCS 1.0 — SMS Notifications
Online System for Applying Ship Chandling and other Trades Permission
Traffic diversion on Breakwater main road due to dredging of Dock basin for coastal cargo berth.
Rated Capacity and Capacity at Desired Occupancy of V.O.Chidambaranar Port
Overloading of trucks/vehicles/equipment/trailers in Port area
Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, has fixed the target for TRT during 2017-18 as 2.5 days
Bulk Cargo vessels with cargo in one or two hatches may not be considered for berthing on arrival basis
Attending Operation Review Meeting- 18.01.2017
50% Concession on Labour Levy till March 2017
Engaging Harbour Mobile Cranes at IX Berth
Attending Operation Review Meeting
Priority Berthing for Fertilizer Vessels
Expeditious evacuation of coal handled at IX Berth
Green Port Initiative of the Ministry of Shipping, for maintaining clean environment free from pollution.
Mechanisation of evacuation of bulk cargo from Berth No.IX to Coal Yard
Integrated Incentive Scheme for the year 2016-17
Revision of Berthing Norms which came into effect from 01.12.201
Maximum Permissible DWT for handling vessels at Coal Jetty — I
Operation Review Meeting to be held by the Port
Scale of rates (w.e.f 01.10.2014)
Engaging the Harbour Mobile Cranes at 9th berth - 19.09.2014
Guidelines on Priority berthing of Coastal Vessels
Health Alert on EPOLAN VIRUS Disease
Passive Surveillance of Ship Crew for MERS - Corona Virus
In continuation of the Trade Notice No TRA-OFTBL-VSL-BERTH- V4-13 dated: 25.11.2013
Implementaion of measures for preventing import of polio virus
With reference to the TRADE NOTICE of even number dt 06.11.2012 ,
It is informed that Berth No VIII is handed over to M/s. ABG-LDA Bulk handling Pvt. Ltd .,
In partial modification of Trade Notice No T- 50/6/ 2011-12 (BC) D 108 dt 19.01.2012,considering the constraint of availability of a single General Cargo Berth with 12.80 M
Open Stack Yard- II
Scale of Rates (w.e.f 11.12.2011)
Regulating the Vehicular Traffic flow of Export laden Container Trailers
Revised Labour Levy
Maximum Permissible Draught for handling vessels in the Port is declared as 12.80
Availability of 12.80 m Draught
Trade Notice for Opening of Passenger Terminal
Trade Notice for Dredging Work in Tuticorin Port.
Deep draught berth will attract Dredging levy on all vessels berthed in Berth No.9 with effect from 28-08-2010
Concession scheme offered for handling of industrial coal / all forms of coke
Extension of concession scheme for handling Iron Ore
Revision of Labour Levy for cargoes handled in Tuticorin Port
Directions issued by the Central Government under Section 54 of the MPT Act to modify the existing demurrage charges / license fee for storage of sugar and pulses at the Major Port Trusts
Collection of Levy of Industrial Coal, Coke & Iron Ore
Blue Gate - Tuticorin Port Trust
Handling of copper concentrate in Tuticorin Port
Trade Notice for storage of urea in port warehouses
Anchorage operation for Coal Handling
Anchorage operation for Coal Handling ( AMENDMENT)
Stuffing of granite blocks in containers in the licensed storage yard for shipment in Tuticorin Port
Restructure of labour levy 2007
Availability of Port land on long term lease basis
Concession in vessel related charges
Trade Notice on land allotment
Cabotage relaxation for container movement
Custodianship of Cargo