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      Port History

    In Literature, the earliest mention has been made in 88 AD in Greek work "Periuplus of the Erythrean Sea". In AD 124, the earliest reference was made by Ptolemy who has observed - "Country of Kareoi, in the Kolkhic Gulf, where there is a pearl fishery, Sosikourai and Kolkhoi, and emporium at the mouth of the river Solan".

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      Chairman's Message

    At the outset, please accept my warm and hearty Independence Day Greetings on the occasion of the Celebration of 68th Independence Day of our beloved Country. We are aware of the immense struggle and suffering of our forefathers and patriots to attain Independence for our Nation.

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      Vision & Mission

    Vision - "To be the Preferred Indian Port"

    Mission - "To Provide Efficient Seaport and Logistics Services of the Best Value to our Customers"


    • » Total satisfaction of Customer
    • » Partnership with stakeholders
    • » Commitment to Quality and Team work
    • » Fairness, accountability and transparency in work
    • » Consideration for social and natural environment
    • » Value addition through productivity, safety and security