व्यापार समाचार

Jul-20,2019 Submission of original Licence and Aadhaar card-reg View
Jul-6,2019 Submission of Documents relating to cargo-Reg View
Jun-17,2019 Declaration of Vessel Particulars during Voyage Registration-Reg View
Jun-1,2019 Revision of Railway siding charges with effect from.01.06.2019 View
Apr-26,2019 Updation of Port General Scale of Rates with WPI indexation by 4.26% W.e.f.1-5-2019 View
Apr-17,2019 Increase in the maximum permissible draught at Berth No. III & IV from 10.7 m to 11.5 m — reg View
Cess for Pollution mitigating measures is applicable at Rs.5/-per M.T in respect of dusty cargoes handled at NCB - II - reg View
Parameters For Berthing cell Dt.12.07.2018 View
Customs notification on handling export containers by rail at VOCPT View
Widening of Port Road including the Bridge from TTPS Roundana to Port Boundary Wall on Express Road — Diversion of outward movement through Check Post II for smooth execution of Bridge construction work View
Reduction of labour levy for HMC operation and mandatory usage of HMC for cargo operations to improve productivity - reg. View
Deduction of tax at source -instructions to the users -Reg View
के लिए अधिकतम स्वीकार्य मसौदे में वृद्धि Berth No.IX, NCB - I & NCB - II से 13.0 m to 13.2 m इस तिथि से 01.05.201 - reg View
Centralized Truck parking Plaza View
Berthing Pol.icy - Output norms - Incentive / Penatty based on vessel OutPut - Reg View
Trade Notice on Truck Parking Terminal View
Using of Mobile rubber tyred electrically operated hoppers for discharge of bulk cargoes at Berth No. III & IV- reg View
Collection of Entry fee for vehicles and Dormitory fee at Truck Parking Terminal View
Issuance of duplicate Port Entry Permits for the year 2018/19 through RFID system — Reg. View
पीसीएस में हिस्सेदार पंजीकरण View
01.01.2018 से अधिकतम स्वीकार्य मसौदा 12.8 मीटर से 13.0 मीटर तक बढ़ाएं View
तुतिकोरिन - कन्याकुमारी - त्रिवेंद्रम -reg के बीच नौका सेवा संचालित करने के लिए ब्याज की अभिव्यक्ति View
जिप्सम, तांबा लावा, फ्लाई ऐश और किसी भी अन्य नए कार्गो आइटम के निर्यात के लिए श्रम लेवी और घाटियों में रियायत View
उपयोगकर्ताओं से अनुरोध है कि वेसल कार्गो को संभालने के लिए क्रेन को शामिल किया जाए View
आरएफआईडी प्रणाली के माध्यम से वर्ष 2018/19 के लिए ताजा पोर्ट प्रविष्टि परमिट जारी करना। View