11Civil Department during the month of December, 2017

S NoTender NoItem Nature of workMode of Tender EnquiryDate of Publication of NitType of BiddingLast Date of ReceiptNo of Tenders ReceivedName of PartiesParties Not QualifiedContract AwardContract No & DateName of ContractValue of ContractSchedule Date PeriodRemarks
1 CIV- MTCMS-MNT-REPLA-V1-19 Replacing the painted letters fixing with brass letters in the name board of Deputy Chairman Chamber Quotation 25.01.19 Call of Quotation 28-01-2019 Three 1.Shri. Vengateswara Construction, Tuticorin-8. 2.Shri. New Furniture Point, Tutico -- Yes CIV- MTCMS-MNT-REPLA-V1-19/D.489 Date: 26.02.2019 Shri. Vengateswara Construction, No.107/133B, Millerpuram, Tuticorin – 628 008. Rs.79,375/- 15 days --
2 ------ Supply of Red earth, Cow dung Manure for Garden and lawn at Zone “B” CPT Bungalow Nomination basis ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- - CIV-MTCMB-MNT-SUPPL—E1-18/D. 342 M/s. St.Antony's Construction, Rs.99,176/- One month -
3 24CE/RCM&BMR/ 2018-19/D.96 dated 14.01.19. Repairing and Painting to the CPT Bungalow at Zone “B” E-Tender “Dhina malar (Local Edition)” & “Dinakaran (Local Edition)” on 15-01-2019 Single Cover System 23-01-2019 3 Nos 1). M/s.Shri Vengateswara Construction 2). Shri. T.Vairamuthu 3). Shri. Motherland Builders ------- -yes- CIV-MTCMB-BIL-REPAI-T1-18/D.381 dated:14.02.2019 M/s.Shri Vengateswara Construction Rs.8,20,690/- Three months -
4 13CE/RCM&BMR/ 2018-19/D.43 dated 08.01.19 Annual cleaning the toilets, drainages, water tank, Maintenance of garden and distribution of water E-Tender The New Indian Express (Southern Edition, English) & “Dhinamani (Tamilnadu Edition, Tamil) on 09-01- Two Cover System 22-01-2019 2 Nos 1). M/s.Shri Vengateswara Construction 2). M/s.SRM Enterprises NIL -yes- CIV-MTCMS-TDR-2018–V1-18/D.282 dated:02.02.2019 M/s.SRM Enterprises Rs. 23,79,007-/- Twelvemonths -